Synthetic Graphite S-G 0.04mm A0/A1

Synthetic Graphite S-G 0.04mm A0/A1 New Product

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Picture of Synthetic Graphite S-G 0.04mm A0/A1
Image of Synthetic Graphite S-G 0.04mm A0/A1
EMI Thermal - Synthetic Graphite S-G 0.04mm A0/A1

Synthetic Graphite

A carbon based; high-junction crystalline graphite film prepared by graphite synthesis under extremely high temperatures. It is an ideal thermally conductive interface for eliminating local hot spots.

S-G-40 is a thermally conductive Synthetic Graphite film which enables electronics equipment to achieve miniaturisation, flatness and lightness. Widely used in small gaps, where electrical isolation is not required, to meet engineers demands for thin and light electronics products with superior levels of thermal efficiency. The anisotropy of Synthetic Graphite results in strong values of thermal conductivity in the Z direction, combined with superior levels in the X-Y direction for efficient heat spreading.

Features and Benefits...

  • The thermal conductivity is 1100-1300 W/M.K
  • Flexible sheet, can be processed into various shapes, good bending performance
  • Density 1.6-1.8 g/cm³ (approximately 33% -75% of aluminium or 20% -25% of copper)
  • Low resistance, can be used for electromagnetic shielding


  • Large communication equipment and peripheral equipment
  • Desktop computers, tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile terminals
  • High-power LEDs

Product Data...

Properties Test Method Unit N-G Series
Material - - Synthetic Graphite
Colour Visual - Dark Grey
Thickness (±10%) ASTM-D374 mm 0.04
Thermal Conductivity (X-Y axis) ASTM-D5470 W/mK 1100 - 1300
Thermal Conductivity (Z axis) ASTM-D5470 W/mK 15 - 20
Hardness (±10%) ASTM-D2240 Shore 00 85
Density ASTM-D792 g/cm3 1.6 - 1.8
Specific Heat Capacity (50°C) / J/kg.K 0.85
Working Temperature
(Flammability V0 UL94)
  °C -40 - 400
Tensile Strength ASTM-D412 Mpa 650
Storage and transportation: Store in a cool, dry place. This product belongs to non-dangerous goods, can be transported as a general chemical.
After the shelf life of the product should be confirmed whether there is abnormal before use.

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