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New product launch - T-P-Dual

New product launch - T-P-Dual

EMI Thermal introduce a 'dual' product for thermal management applications. This new Void Filler is combined with a carrier and is ideal for where air gaps need to be removed but where electrical isolation is required. Despite being extremely soft and conformable with a low Shore 00 rating the presence of the electrically insulating carrier material ensures the material is easy to handle and apply. 

Features include:

  • Ultra-Soft with High Compressibility but easy to handle
  • Thermal Void Filler with an Electrically Insulating Carrier
  • Resistant to Cut-Through / Punctures
  • 1.0 W/mK Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Impedance
  • Naturally Tacky

Date : 26-11-2019