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Thermal Interface Material

10mm custom cut Gap Filler 1.5 W/mK

With many electronic components now being driven harder and running at higher power it is important to thermally manage the heat generated to ensure there is no overheating leading to component damage and product failure.

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) helps with this; they are a thermally conductive medium used to fill the air gap between mating surfaces in electronic components. These gaps are usually filled with air which is a poor conductor of heat. This creates a thermal barrier which stops the transfer of heat between the component and heatsink or product chassis.

Thermal Void Filler
TIM being cut on machine
TIM Peeling

Applying a Void / Gap Filler TIM to a heat sink or between the heat generating component and product chassis normally means material is only required to a maximum 5mm thickness.

We recently received an unusual request from a customer for a 10mm Thermal Interface Gap / Void Filler cut to a specific profile.

Our engineers discussed the customers application to understand why a 10mm pad was required. It was decided the requirement could be met with two 5mm custom cut pads aligned together with a production jig. Various materials were offered all with a different hardness and thermal conductivity ratings. The customer studied the data including the thermal impedance values and then asked for pre-production samples of several different materials. These were supplied and following in-house testing the customer settled on our T-P-3 Void / Gap Filler with a Thermal Conductivity of 1.5 W/mK and a Shore (hardness) of 0045.

Full production quantities have now been delivered and the T-P-3 has proved extremely successful in helping the customer control the thermal issues with their product.

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