T-P-6 Series Void Filler

T-P-6 Series Void Filler

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Picture of T-P-6 Series Void Filler
Image of T-P-6 Series Void Filler
EMI Thermal - T-P-6 Series Void Filler

Void Filler / Gap Filler 3.0 W/mK

T-P-6 is an ideal Void Fillers to fill air gaps when a material with a higher thermal conductivity is required; in this case 3.0 W/mK.

Features and Benefits...

  • Soft with High Conformability
  • 3.0 W/mK Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Impedance
  • UL94 V0 Recognised
  • Naturally Tacky


  • Electronic Components: IC, CPU, MOS, LED, M/B, P/S, Heat Sinks, LCD-TV’s, Notebook PC, PC, Telecommunication Devices
  • Wireless Hubs, DDR Modules, DVD Applications, Hand-set Applications etc.

Product Data...

Properties Test Method Unit T-P-6 Series
Material - - Ceramic filled silicon elastomer
Colour Visual - Blue
Thickness (±10%)
Increments of 0.25mm/0.01inch
- - 0.5 - 5.00
0.02 - 0.20
Thermal Conductivity ASTM-D5470 W/mK 3.0
Hardness (±10) ASTM-D2240 Shore 00 45 (≥1.00mm)
65 (<1.00mm)
Flammability Rating UL94 - V0
Breakdown Voltage (1.0mm) ASTM-D149 kV ≥7.5
Specific Gravity   g/cm3 2.89
Working Temperature   °C -40 to 200
Volume Resistance ASTM-D257 Ohm-cm 1012
Tensile Strength ASTM-D412-1998A Mpa 0.23
Thermal Impedance (1.45mm/Shore 00 65)
Deflection Rate (%) Thermal Impedance (°C-in2/W)
10 0.83
20 0.73
30 0.64


  1. Customised shapes are available
  2. The above performance data is tested in an environment of 70% humidity, temperature 25°C.
  3. This data is intended for reference purposes only. It is recommended that the material is tested to fully evaluate its performance ensuring it is fit for purpose.