Magnetic Sheet for Wireless Charging

Magnetic Sheet for Wireless Charging

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High permeability ‘u’ (500-1000) flexible magnetic sheet for wireless charging applications such as wireless phone charging.

Features and Benefits...

  • High permeability ‘u’ (500-1000) flexible magnetic sheet for wireless charging applications
  • Made from Iron-Based Amorphous or Nano-Crystalline Strip creating an ultra-thin (30um), high Bs magnetic material, providing charging efficiencies of >70%
  • Supplied in thickness range from 0.03 - 0.3 mm in sheet form with cover film (PET) and double-sided adhesive for easy assembly. Custom thicknesses and sizes available
  • Low core loss – reduces Eddy Current losses - improves wireless charging efficiency


  • Wireless Charging Devices / Wireless Power Systems
  • Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones and battery powered hand-held equipment, Automotive / SMART car
  • Enhances power transfer efficiency between primary sending and pickup antenna coils
  • Material positioned between the Receiving Antenna Coil and the metal parts/battery enclosure improves charging efficiency and range

Product Data...

Properties NANO-CRYSTALLINE (NC) Unit Test Method
Magnetic Induction B800/T 1.25 1.56 -
Permeability (@200kHz) Real µ’
Imaginary µ’
Coercive Force (Hc) ≤1.6 <4 A/m
Resistivity ≥130 ≥130 µ Ω cm
Curie Temperature 570 400 ◦C
Thickness (±10%) 0.03-0.30 0.035-0.30 mm
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 -40 to 85 ◦C
ROHS Compliance Compliance -


  1. Customised shapes are available;
  2. The above performance data is tested in an environment of 70% humidity, temperature 25°C
  3. This data is intended for reference purposes only. It is recommended that the material is tested to fully evaluate its performance ensuring it is fit for purpose

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